Michael Pattinson - director - The Limbic Region

The Limbic Region (Showtime feature)


A San Francisco detective is obsessed with catching a serial killer who has been killing people for over 20 years. When the detective learns that he has only a few weeks of life left, he tries his one last shot - taking the suspect for a ride down memory lane, hoping to force him into a confession... Based on the never-solved case of the serial killer "Zodiac" from the 70's, a number of crimes supposedly committed by the Zodiac much later, and one modern hypothesis concerning the murderer. 

Cast: Edward James-Olmos, George Dzundza, Roger R Cross, Gwynyth Walsh, Don S Davis
Writers: Patrick Ranahan, Todd Johnson
Producers: Armand Speca, Frank Mancuso Jr., George Horie, Tom Rowe

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