Michael Pattinson - director - Virtual Nightmare

 Virtual Nightmare (United Paramount Network) - TV movie

It is sometime later in the 2000's, and the world is perfect and sugar-coated - or at least seemingly perfect. There are some strange things in this perfect world. People can buy "brand new" cars (most of them from the '50s and '60s) and the music used is mostly from the '50s. On top of this retro world there are modern appliances such as a wide-screen TV's, and the main character, Dale Hunter, is a advertising agent working on a new project, Arora (purposefully mispelled). But when Dale starts seeing strange things, like numbers and labels written over everything, he begins to suspect something is wrong. He and a librarian, Wendy (who also shares the opinion that something is wrong), try to uncover the truth behind their perfect world.

 watch scenes below with commentary by director Michael Pattinson (duration 2.35)